Air temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity and dew point. All-In-One!


Multifunctional device


Battery autonomy
*1h tracking interval


Get the weather conditions and predict the coming forecast with the SmartSENSE. The weather station and its outdoor sensor provides air temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure transmitted over one single device. Plug the all-in-one device to your NMEA2000 backbone and get check the weather status on your mobile phone, tablet or on any compatible chartplotter.

  • Air temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • Relative humidity
  • Dew point

Easy configuration

Plug the SmartSENSE to the NMEA2000 backbone, and monitor the weather from any compatible multi-functional displays.

Scan the QR code to connect to the built-in WIFI and access to the SmartSENSE configuration page from your smartphone or tablet.

Buy four devices in one.


Outside air temperature

Get the most precise temperature around the boat unaffected movement temperature by the vessel through the air.

Barometric pressure

Predict the change of the weather and the coming storms with the accurate atmospheric measurements (from 10 to 1200 mbar).

Relative himidity

Monitor the percentage of water in the air and prevent before it turns into condensation.

Dew point

Monitor when the water vapor condenses as dew, creates high humidity and forms fog. The dew point is the temperature at which relative humidity reaches 100%.



The SmartSENSE provides you real-time data as well as recorded measurements with its internal battery to help you to monitor and predict the coming weather changes.


Scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet and connect to the device via WiFi to check the weather measures at anytime you want.


Simply plug the Smart device into the NMEA2000 network and the data will be displayed on all N2K compatible multi-functional displays.